New Xbox One Details: Worth the Price Tag?


Over the past few months, many rumors – some debunked, a few confirmed – about the new XBOX console have been floating around. Finally, just 5 months before the projected release, the most important of these rumors are being confirmed, and details are leaking quickly.

Microsoft is planning to release the Xbox One in November, just in time for the 2013 holiday season. The price tag, naming a hefty $499, right now does not seem worth it with all the current details floating around. As of right now, the 24 hour check in feature (without internet access, the console is useless) has been torn down, which was a major worry on the minds of many Microsoft gamers. Although the outside is a lot less than sleek, the Xbox one has 8 ports, including an HDMI In and Out port. The Kinect device is also a lot bigger and easier to handle on the next generation console from Microsoft, although the newest controller packs a punch; with a new micro-textured thumb stick, the buttons are closer together for faster game play with a more comfortable fit.

For many Microsoft gamers, the next generation could come with any sort of features and would still become a part of their collection – but is it really worth it? With its plain design and great port collection, is the price tag accurate?

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